Sentimental, christmas feel track with guitars, sleighbells, woodwinds and glockenspiel.

Upbeat, lively, jump about summer time jingle in an acoustic rock style. Co-written with Alex Ball.

An original 30 second score written for 'The Boy and the Moon' Winner of overall achievement for the BFX Animation Competition 2014. Dir. Aaron Babla.

Original score for Tess Atkin's 'Toco Toco'. A children's comedy show pitch following the adventures of Toucan and Pigeon

Original music about a character's struggles in the work place, resolving in a positive outcome. Pizz Strings, Marimba, Glock and clicking percussion.

Woodwind quartet and clasical guitar. Light and uplifting. Previously used on a UKTV broadcast commercial.

Woodwinds, double bass and piano evoking a comedic tone. (clarinet, and bass saxophone performed by Charlotte Glasson)

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