What service(s) do you provide?
I specialise in writing and recording music, sound design and foley for film, TV, professional media and other creative visual production. For examples of my previous work, please visit the Music and Film showreel sections of my website.


Additionally, as a guitarist of over 20 years, I can also record parts remotely for other projects and composers, from the comfort of my professional home-based studio. I own a range of guitars, from electric to acoustic (steel and nylon strings), as well as banjo and ukulele, which enables me to capture a wide range of sounds, tones and textures.

Could you write a custom piece of music for my production/project and how much do you charge? 
This my favourite type of collaboration, but due to the variations each project can bring, it's very appreciated if I can receive as much information beforehand so I can work out a quote and a timeframe. For example:

  • I love stories, please tell me the one you passionately want to bring to life?

  • What budget are you working with and how much as a % can you realistically allocate to the music?

  • Do you have a style of music in mind/what is your inspiration?

  • What is the deadline for completing the music?

  • How much music do you need (minutes)?

  • Would you need an exclusive license e.g. restrict the music from being used or re-licensed for another project?

Can I use one of your existing tracks in my project?
All of the music on my website is available for use (unless specified), but you will need to purchase a licensing fee. This fee is dependent on the type of production it's for and the duration for which it'll be used, this can be anything from a TV/Broadcast commercial, YouTube video, home/personal project, telephone hold music etc. For these reasons, please contact me directly for a custom quote.

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